I am Dr. Denim L. Slade, and I'm one of the few Ph.D.-level therapists here in Southern Utah. This added training provides me with depth and insight into theory and practice that proves helpful in bringing about change. I have been practicing therapy for 22 years. I have specific training and expertise in Marital Issues (communication, conflict resolution, trust, sexual issues), Adolescent Development (issues with family, friends, school, etc.), Parenting, Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma. I utilize a unique approach to address variables that research has tied to depression and anxiety that are frequently overlooked in therapy.

I also have specific training dealing with trauma that is informed by a great deal of research. This research helps us to understand the neurological processes involved in trauma. When we experience traumatic events, our emotional responses get stuck or frozen, making it difficult to move forward and cope. I practice a technique called Lifespan Integration that is designed to untie the knots created by traumatic events, creating new neurological pathways that free us up to move forward in our lives.

Coming to therapy takes a good deal of courage and the therapeutic relationship is an important tool in the process of change. Most of us are willing to make changes in our lives when we learn what to do and how to do it. Since change is difficult and an hour a week is usually not sufficient to turn the tide of change in our lives, I always give my clients beneficial homework to do between sessions to help them incorporate what we are working on. I also incorporate a good deal of psycho-education into my sessions, working hard to try and help my clients not only know what to do, but also to understand the importance of—and the science behind—what I am asking them to do. I love helping people solve problems and figure out the tools and techniques that will bring about the desired changes in their lives. I make myself highly available to my clients so that they have the helpful support to incorporate changes when they are in the "thick of things" outside of our sessions.

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