Our first Healthy and Happy Relationship Enrichment class series was a great success! We are launching our second round of this series on April 2, 2019! Whether you are just beginning a new relationship or have been together for 50 years, these classes will help you increase the happiness and connection in your relationship!

Worried about missing a class? Video and class materials are available to registered participants who have to miss a class. 

When: Tuesday Evenings; 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 5/7, 5/14 and 5/21 from 7:15-8:45 pm

Where: 321 North Mall Drive, Bldg VW, Suite 101, St. George, Utah

Cost: $375 per couple

Class Limit: 12 couples

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Healthy & Happy Relationship Series:

Each class in this series builds on the previous class as you gain understanding and skills to help you build an even healthier and happier relationship.


Week 1: Resource & Stress Management:

Come learn the tools to help you manage the various priorities in your lives. Between marriage, kids, work, self, church, etc., we are always juggling and dealing with stressors. We almost always wish we could do more of the things we feel we should be doing. In this class you will learn practical skills to help you bring your life into alignment with your priorities.


Week 2: Attachment in Relationships:

Research has shown that the attachment relationships between spouses and between parents and their children are the sources of the most happiness and biggest stresses in our lives. Among other things, when these relationships are going well, we feel safe, have lower rates of depression and anxiety, we experience fewer physical problems, and we feel like we matter to the important people in our lives.


In this class you will learn what your attachment style is. You will learn what healthy attachment relationships look like, and learn how to make any necessary changes in your relationships in order to develop secure attachment relationships in your family.


Week 3: Cognitive Cycles and Neurology Made Easy:

There is a dynamic relationship between our thoughts, feelings and actions. Building on the previous week’s class, in this class you will learn how attachment style influences this process. You will also learn what happens in the brain and body as we deal with stress and how to stay in a place emotionally that enables us to cope well with difficult situations. Doing this reduces anxiety, poor decision making and depression. You will come away with concrete skills to help you regulate your emotions more effectively and to feel less a victim to the things that occur in your life.


Week 4: Conflict Resolution:

In this class you will learn how to healthfully and effectively address and resolve disagreements, hurt feelings, and other conflicts in a way that keeps you connected and doesn’t leave either person feeling voiceless, run over or invisible.


Week 5: Personality:

Personality does not change across the lifespan and is consistently in the background influencing why and how we think, feel, and act the way we do. In this class you will learn about the 4 CORE personality types. You will be able to identify your particular personality type and gain greater understanding of the personalities of those closest to you. Each personality type has qualities that are conducive to being healthy and happy, and aspects that get in the way of health and happiness. You will also learn how to capitalize on your strengths and to effectively understand and manage things that are necessary to be healthy & happy, but which don’t come naturally to you.


Week 6: Sexual Intimacy and Gender Differences:

In this last class you will learn some of the key differences between men and woman and how some of those differences influence sexual intimacy. Additionally, you will learn how the previous 5 classes create a solid foundation to be able to improve the connection and intimacy in the sexual domain of your relationship.


You will leave each class with clear and executable skills that will improve your relationship and help you take whatever your next-step is in helping you and your relationship be more healthy and happy!




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