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About Denim

Dr. Slade is one of the very few Ph.D. level relationship coaches in Southern Utah. He practiced therapy for over 20 years before moving into coaching. He has specific training and expertise in healthy Marital Relationships (communication, conflict resolution, trust, healthy sexuality), Adolescent Development (improving family, friends, school, etc.), Parenting, Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma. He brings a unique level of expertise to his research-based approach to coaching.


Healthy & Happy is Denim’s 7-class series. Denim has essentially boiled down his 10 years of education and 20+ years of clinical experience and research into the most central, crucial, and applicable principles for a healthy and happy life. Healthy relationships don’t just happen! This class series will teach you the skills and tools you need to improve every aspect of your relationship. The Healthy and Happy Relationships course is available live (in person or online) and as a pre-recorded, self-paced online course (coming soon.)

What people like

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The things I have learned from Dr. Slade have changed my life. I have a better relationship with myself, my husband, and my kids.

– Cary M.


I wish I could have taken this course 20 years ago. My perspective and knowledge on how to engage with my spouse has been elevated and increased our mutual desire to work together to achieve a more satisfying and healthier marriage that will last forever!

– Daniel Z.


This was such a great experience for my husband & I. We learned so much about our own personalities and our joint relationship. Lots of great take-aways that enhanced our relationship immediately. I highly recommend this course for anyone & everyone!

– Maren J.



Across Dr. Slade’s many years of research, therapy, and education, personality has always intrigued him. Over time as a therapist, he didn’t feel that any one of the existing personality models accurately depicted what he saw working with clients. He began conducting clinical research. CORE is a temperament model that is the result of that research! It investigates the nature part of personality–the part that does not change–and helps explain not just WHAT we do, but WHY we do it.


TMS is a non-medication depression treatment that is offered at Denim’s office! It is non-invasive, has almost no side effects, and is covered by most insurance. TMS uses gentle magnetic pulses to stimulate brain activity. Our clinic has a success rate of over 90% in relieving depression symptoms!


Denim still works one-on-one with clients as a Ph.D. level coach! Dr. Slade, incorporates his expertise in sessions with homework and out-of-session support to help clients make the lifestyle changes to help them live healthy and happy lives. Denim’s schedule fills up quickly, so be sure to get on his wait list here!

The Blog

The blog is updated weekly with an in-depth explanation of one of the seven topics covered in the Healthy & Happy class series, interspersed with other relevant/seasonal topics.

Resource Management: Relationship Fillers

Resource Management: Relationship Fillers

This month we are focusing on helping you with Resource Management, and this week is specifically about relationship fillers!  Check out the blog posts from the last couple of weeks to get some...

Resource Management: Fillers

Resource Management: Fillers

This month we are focusing on helping you with Resource Management, and this week is specifically about fillers!  Check out last week’s blog post here to get some background info on the reservoir. ...

Resource Management: The Reservoir

Resource Management: The Reservoir

This month we are focusing on helping you with Resource Management, and this week is specifically about the reservoir!  I’m going to focus all my content (social media, podcast, and blog) on the...



CORE is one of my absolute favorite things to talk about! In a nutshell, CORE is the temperament (kind of like personality) model that I developed over years of research. It helps us understand the...

Conflict Resolution: Communicate

Conflict Resolution: Communicate

Dealing with and resolving conflict is easily one of the most difficult things for most relationships! Conflict is a crucial part of any relationship. The key to a healthy relationship isn’t...

Rewiring the Brain: Cognitive Cycles

Rewiring the Brain: Cognitive Cycles

Last week, we talked about how the brain works. Now that we understand the basics of neurology, we can learn how to help our brains work healthily!  Brain/Body Interactive Cycle This is the basic...

Neurology Made Easy: Upper and Lower Brain

Neurology Made Easy: Upper and Lower Brain

What is “Neurology Made Easy?” This topic is designed to help you understand a little bit more about how our brains work! The brain is an organ, just like any other. If we give our brains the things...

The Attachment Cycle

The Attachment Cycle

What is Attachment Theory? I wrote a previous blog post explaining attachment theory and the secure base relationship. Check it out here! To summarize briefly, attachment theory explains how we...

Resource Management

Resource Management

What is Resource Management? Resource Management is the idea that we need to effectively and proactively manage our lives so that we maintain the necessary energy/emotional resources to contribute...



Why is Sexuality Important? The goal and result of healthy sexuality in a marriage is closeness! Sex has the potential to bind us together. The way we handle sex influences the love in our...

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