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Improve the relationships that matter most

Providing a proven program for a healthy+happy life.




The best relationships

don’t just happen

That’s why we provide a proven program with resources and tools enabling you to create the healthiest and happiest life with those you love.

We’re here to guide you

We’ve taken 25 years of clinical research and discovered a proven process that makes bad relationship good and good relationships better. From simple habits to personality to conflict management, we’ll guide you in creating a life you love.

Why become healthy+happy


Bring the spark and satisfaction into your sex life.


Be a master at effective conflict management and resolution.


Feel understood by your partner and learn to help them feel understood.


Grow your self confidence and appreciation for your strengths and talents.


Create or rekindle a fun and exciting relationship.


Have a deeper connection with your loved ones.

Step 1

Take our course

Step 2

Attend retreats

Step 3

Consult a coach

What people like

you are saying

The things I have learned from Dr. Slade have changed my life. I have a better relationship with myself, my husband, and my kids.

– Cary M.


I wish I could have taken this course 20 years ago. My perspective and knowledge on how to engage with my spouse has been elevated and increased our mutual desire to work together to achieve a more satisfying and healthier marriage that will last forever!

– Daniel Z.


This was such a great experience for my husband & I. We learned so much about our own personalities and our joint relationship. Lots of great take-aways that enhanced our relationship immediately. I highly recommend this course for anyone & everyone!

– Maren J.


Are the effects worth it

How much are mediocre relationships affecting you? Are you constantly exhausted emotionally? Are you running on half empty or less wondering why you’re easily upset or overly sensitive? Are you continually feeling misunderstood? Are you passing up strengthening your relationships thinking that time will fix it? Will you let your relationships with those you love continue to distance? A lack of health and happiness may already be affecting you a great deal.

The value of getting started


Printable worksheets

Weekly Q & A


Real time practice


Direct feedback

Bonus content

Increased happiness

Good emotional health

Unlimited access to class materials

Become Healthy + Happy

Have the life you want

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