What is CORE?

Many of us really struggle to understand why we do some of the things that we do. So many of us get frustrated trying to make changes and improvements in ourselves and our relationships. Too many of us start to give up hope. By understanding more about our personalities and the personalities of the important people in our lives, we can so much more effectively run our lives and be healthy and happy. Denim developed CORE to help with this.


Comfort and Connection







Denim has always been intrigued by personality through his years of education and work experience. Over the years, he felt that there wasn’t an existing personality profiling system that fully and accurately represented what he saw working with clients. He conducted research personally through his work with clients and analyzed it. Four distinct temperament styles emerged, which is CORE. CORE deals with temperament–the innate part of us that is stable and doesn’t change. That part of us is what motivates us–WHY we do what we do.

Many of us spend years and a great deal of energy trying to be something that we are not, and we’re not broken! When you feel like something that is innate in you is broken, then it really negatively affects your views about yourself and inhibits your ability to be healthy in relationships. It is super important and imperative to understand why each of us does what we do so that we are able to capitalize on the strengths of our temperament and think differently about our weaknesses. There are certain healthy things that each temperament type does naturally, and there are certain healthy things that each temperament type really struggles with, so when you understand that some of these things that are healthy don’t come naturally to you, then you can develop skills, processes, and partnerships to help you manage your life more effectively. Additionally, in relationships, when you understand the temperament of the different people in your life, it dramatically increases your ability to have healthy and happy relationships!

Discover your CORE

What type are you?

The C

C stands for Comfort and Connection. While both are powerful motivators for the C, comfort is the primary motivator! In one way or another, this innate drive to pursue comfort and avoid discomfort weaves through almost everything in the C’s life.

The O

O stands for Optimism. The core motivator of the O is to have positive, enjoyable emotion. This leads the O to have a very positive, optimistic outlook on life. The O can hardly bear the thought of a life lacking fun andor a life full of boredom.

The R

R stands for Resolution! The R’s passionate drive for resolution leads to one of their greatest contributions to mankind, MOVEMENT. Rs frequently provide the necessary spark to get things going.

The E

E stands for Exactness. The E’s central motivator is to improve and perfect things. The E naturally looks at any conversation, project, chore, activity, etc., and sees how it could have, even should have, been done differently to make it a bit better.

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