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Join Dr. Denim Slade for a more in-depth exploration and guided implementation of his Healthy + Happy Relationship Enrichment Series. These classes are perfect for those who have taken Dr. Slade’s courses before or for first-timers who are interested in gaining more knowledge and tools to help take their relationships to a healthier and happier level! These classes are held monthly and are perfect to help you keep your skills honed and relationships on track! Come join us for this more comprehensive look at becoming a better partner, parent and person!

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Goal Setting and Rewiring the Brain

Set the tone for the entire year by identifying the goals and changes you want to make. In this class we will focus on goal setting, core beliefs and cognitive cycles. We will help you take tangible steps to rewire your brain and reach your goals.

February & March

Enhanced Relationship Reservoir and Resource Management

In these courses, Dr. Slade will help you create a specific reservoir management plan as well as help identify neurotransmitters that may need a boost and what fillers and resources can best address those deficits.

April & May

Attachment: Attachment Moments, Bids and How Attachment Styles Interact Within a Relationship

Research has shown that the recognition and management of attachment moments is critical in order to have Healthy + Happy relationships. In these courses you will learn more about recognizing attachment moments, parenting and attachment, the importance of bids and how attachment styles influence our relationships.


Resolving Conflict in Healthy Ways

Everyone experiences conflict in their relationships. In these classes, you will learn specific techniques to stay in control during conflict. Come and practice conflict resolution techniques to help you and your partner handle conflict in healthy + happy ways!

August, September & October

Advanced CORE Personality Profile

Personality or temperament is something we are born with and which remains consistent across the lifespan. In these courses you will learn more about Dr. Slade’s CORE personality profile and how different personalities interact with one another in families, as well as other contexts. Come learn how to avoid personality pitfalls in your relationships and gain greater understanding about how to be a healthy partner, parent and person!


Sexual Intimacy and Attachment

Grow closer as a couple in this course designed to help you reach each other across the gender gap while recognizing attachment moments that will result in increased trust and intimacy.

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