This month we are focusing on helping you with Resource Management, and this week is specifically about fillers!  Check out last week’s blog post here to get some background info on the reservoir. 

The key Resource Management is about learning how to run our lives so we have enough emotional resources to deal with the stressors and drains we experience. This week, we’ll talk about how to keep your emotional reservoir filled!


Like we talked a little bit about last week, we all have a reservoir of energy. Throughout our days and lives, there are things that drain our energy. EVERYTHING we do requires energy, but some things take a lot more than others. I call these drains. Think an argument, an accident, getting sick, or a global pandemic. Some can be fixed, and some can’t. We should try to fix the ones we can, but there will always be ones that we can’t patch.

The other really powerful thing that we can do in managing our resources is to replace what we lose through drains by filling our reservoir back up. We can do that  by engaging in what I call “Fillers.” Fillers are anything that leaves us better off for having done it. Like I said above, everything that we do requires energy. If I go exercise, it takes energy to go exercise. If I take my wife on a date, it requires energy to do that, or even if pick up a book, it requires energy. The important thing to note is that a Filler leaves you with more energy and more resources. It gives more energy than it takes!

Some good examples of fillers that give lots of energy are exercise, talking with someone, reading something uplifting, lifting to uplifting music, or spending time in nature, naps, movies, hobbies like art, sewing, piano, etc.

In My Life

I constantly think about the level in my Personal Reservoir. I picture in my head a gauge showing how full or empty I am. I am old enough at this point in my life that I have a pretty good idea about how many resources most things in my life are going to require. I very purposefully plan my day to make sure (or at least to try and make sure), that I will have enough resources to meet the demands for that day. For example, I normally start seeing people at 7, and will do a couple of sessions at 7 and 8. After that, I go and exercise, to fill back up. I then will see a few more people and then try and do something else “filling” like going to lunch with my wife, taking a power nap or writing or something like that. I then finish up my day.

What’s Next?

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