This month we are focusing on helping you with Resource Management, and this week is specifically about the reservoir!  I’m going to focus all my content (social media, podcast, and blog) on the same topic for a month to help you get a better understanding of each topic.  

Resource management is all about learning how to run our lives so we have enough emotional resources to deal with the stressors and drains we experience.  See these two other blog posts about resource management for more info!

The Reservoir

The reservoir is an analogy I use to help people understand resource management.  It helps demonstrate how our emotional needs are met and managed. Each one of us has a reservoir of energy that we function on, and as we go throughout the day, we have things that drain us. Some are big and some are little—from as little as the shirt that I want to wear isn’t clean all the way to really big drains like a car accident or a death. 

What’s at the bottom of a pond or a reservoir? Have you ever stepped into a pond? It’s muddy and yucky. So when we get down to the bottom of our reservoir, what are we functioning on? I call it “Suck’n Mud.” Our resources get used, or in other words, the reservoir gets drained every day — that is why we have resources, so that we can do the things we need/want to do. Draining the reservoir is a normal part of every-day life, which means that it’s important for us to manage the process of being drained as we go throughout the day. Some of the things that drain us can be fixed, like if we’re really tired, we can take a nap. If we hate our job, and that’s draining our energy, we can look for a new one. Some drains can’t be fixed. If a loved one dies, there’s nothing we can do to fix that. If we have a chronic illness, all we can do is manage it, we can’t patch it. If there’s a global pandemic, we can’t fix that. Throughout this month, I’ll teach you other ways to keep your reservoir full.

In My Life

It is so important to recognize the way that the economy of our emotional resources work. It is a daily, weekly and monthly process of effectively filling up and healthfully using our resources. It is unhealthy to not fill up the reservoir, it is unhealthy to hoard our resources and it is unhealthy not to manage where our resources go. I think about the state of my personal reservoir several times every single day. I try really hard to proactively structure my day to make sure that I have enough resources to do the things that I want and need to do each day. I have learned over the years how much certain things drain me and what kinds of things I can do to manage those drains. I love the reservoir analogy! It is such an easy way for me to stay on top of my resources and I hope that you find it helpful too!

What’s Next?

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