The Reservoir

One of the main components of Resource Management is The Reservoir. The Reservoir is an analogy used to demonstrate how each of our emotional needs are met. There are inevitable events that deplete our reservoir of energy throughout the day; how we respond to the things that drain us plays an important role in our day to day lives. Much like the drought that is plaguing the Western United States, each of us experience personal ‘droughts.’ These droughts occur when our reservoir is being drained faster and more effectively than it is filled.

What’s at the bottom of a pond or a reservoir? It’s muddy and yucky. So when we get down to the bottom of our reservoir, what are we functioning on? I call it “Suck’n Mud.” Our mental, emotional, and physical capacities are limited in this state and we need to solve some of the drains in our lives and fill the reservoir in order to function properly.

Drains and Fillers

Inevitable Drains

Drains can be large or small. Some can be as serious as the death of a loved one, while others can be as seemingly insignificant as a hole in your sock. There will always be things that drain us throughout the day, but there are also drains that can be fixed–problems to be solved! If you are dissatisfied by your current job, it might be time to look elsewhere. If you find yourself staying up late and feeling tired all day, establish a better routine! If there are important relationships that are drains when they should be fillers, identify what the problems are and address them in a healthy way. (See Conflict Resolution Posts!)

Another important piece of managing your Reservoir is recognizing that there is a difference between solvable vs unsolvable problems or drains. Identify this key difference and learn to adapt to life with a more permanent drain. This means filling your reservoir more than it can be drained by circumstances in your life that you cannot control.

Filling Back Up Again

Now onto the good stuff!
A filler is anything that deposits more than it expends, leaving you with more than you started with. Exercise, service, or hobbies are fillers and will most often leave you better off for having done them! Identify what fillers exist in your life and make it a point to include them in your daily routine. The key to living in the top half of the tank instead of the bottom half of the tank is to constantly fill it.

When you are Suck’n Mud and have been for awhile, it’s really hard to find the motivation to fill your Reservoir. But if you trust the process and keep adding fillers–even if they don’t feel like fillers at first–you will be surprised by how much better you feel with a Reservoir that isn’t always running on empty.

What’s Next?

Resource Management and the Reservoir are topics that you never ‘graduate’ from. You will always be learning more about it and you can NEVER stop filling your Reservoir! But it is always helpful to have support and understanding in this process. Why? Because when you learn how to properly manage your Reservoir, so many other areas of your life get easier!

-Conflict Resolution
-Self Esteem
-Physical Health & Fitness
-Sleep Habits
YOU NAME IT! The Reservoir effects it.

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