Assumptions…Good and Bad

The way that you feel others view you can tell you a lot about how you *actually* view yourself.
You might consider yourself to be a confident person, but when you walk into a room full of people whispering, do you assume that they are speaking poorly about you?

On the other hand, you might view yourself as rather shy or reserved…yet you recognize that your presence lights up a room!

At times, we allow our self-view to be clouded or shaped by past experiences more than we’d like to admit. Who we want to be IS who we are…as long as we allow it to be so.

Core Beliefs

A Core Belief is the mental filter that guides the processing of information. These beliefs are shaped by our childhood, past experiences, as well as an individuals attachment style.
Core Beliefs shape your answers to questions like:
-Do I matter?
-Do I feel safe?
They even shape your perception of the world and its events!!

Core Beliefs lead to Conditional Assumptions which lead to Automatic Thoughts.

…But what does that mean? The thought process could look a bit like this, especially if you have negative Core Beliefs.

I can’t rely on the people in my life to be there for me when I need them…
If my father doesn’t ask me how work is going, it’s because he doesn’t really care about me.
I am alone.
I’m a burden to the people in my life.
I don’t matter to my family.

Correcting Perceptions

Core Beliefs are deep seeded. And to further complicate matters, our Core Beliefs dictate our automatic thoughts. Did you know that the average person has 60,000 Automatic Thoughts each day???

So where do you start? How do you change the way you view yourself? How do you change the way you think others view you??

You start at the source. You target your Core Beliefs and work deliberately to rewire your brain by changing those Core Beliefs!

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